Benefits of Shut-Off Valves


There are plenty of reasons that pipes can fail, leak, or burst. There’s wear from age, freezing temperatures, corrosion, clogs, and more that can stress your pipes to the breaking point. In the case of a leak or a burst pipe, if you don’t have a way to shut the water off to that pipe you could be dealing with a serious cleanup effort. Emergency shut-off valves are simple to install and can save you a ton in money and stress following an emergency. Here are the main benefits of having emergency shut-off valves on your plumbing fixtures.

Lowering water bills

If you’ve got a leak, unless you can fix it yourself, you have to wait for a professional to come. This could take hours or days depending on availability. If the leak is very minor, you can plug it up temporarily, but this usually doesn’t stop all of the water from leaking out. The longer you have to wait for the pipe to be fixed, the more and more water leaks. The more water that leaks, the higher and higher your water bills get. So, if you have pipes that leak even somewhat frequently, shut-off valves can save you a lot of money in what would otherwise be wasted water. Plus, the cleanup effort will be reduced and it reduces the chance of needing water damage repair.

Find leaks faster

Not only do shut-off valves help you lower the amount of water that leaks, but they can also help you find a leak much more quickly. With multiple shut-off valves in different locations, you can test out where the leak is coming from. Cutting off the water supply makes finding a leak much more simple and quick than checking every possible pipe in the area.

Lower chances of a burst pipe when you’re not around

If you leave the home for a vacation, or you have a cottage you go to for a vacation, shut-off valves offer peace of mind like nothing else. Without being able to shut the water off, you run the risk of a pipe bursting when you’re not there to take care of it. The result could be multiple days of water leaking or flowing into your home, and you get back to a flooded house. This would require extensive cleanup and hefty water damage repair bills. Likely, you would have to find somewhere safe to stay until the repair is done. But, with shut-off valves, you can prevent this from happening by just turning a lever.

Aaron Swift Plumbing | Residential & commercial plumbing

Shut-off valves can save you plenty of money and headaches, and they can even save your home from irreparable damage. If you’re looking to put some safeguards into your plumbing fixtures, let the master plumbers at Aaron Swift help you out. We can quickly and correctly install shut-off valves for as many fixtures as you need so that you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you have a defense against burst pipes.

To schedule an appointment for shut-off valve installation, give us a call at (586) 701-7851 or send in an online contact form!

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