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Touchless faucets and plumbing fixtures are becoming the new trend in residential or commercial plumbing.  While bathroom and kitchen hygiene is important to you, have you thought about all the germs and bacteria that might spread with traditional fixtures?  Faucets, and especially toilet handles, host an array of bacteria that sits and accumulates over time.

Ever think about the germs or bacteria that accumulate in your office or place of business?  From school or church bathrooms to office kitchens and public restrooms at a restaurant, touchless faucets are a no-brainer.  Considering all the different times that faucets and handles are touched, opting out of touch-based faucets and into motion-censored faucets can not only save money for your business but stop the spread of harmful germs and bacteria.

Our Aaron Swift plumbers are now experts at not only your traditional plumbing fixtures but with plumbing upgrades like touchless faucets and handles.  Why should you go touchless?  Let’s take a look at a few reasons why having touchless fixtures might benefit you:

Main Differences Between Traditional and Touchless Fixtures

One of the biggest differences between the two kinds of faucets is their function.  With traditional faucets, you have to pull or push a handle or lever to turn the faucet on.  Unlike standard faucets, which require physical touch or movement, touchless faucets will detect a movement around a designated sensor on the faucet.  For example, if you place your hand just above the sensor on the faucet that is detectable, the faucet automatically turns on.

In essence, touchless sensors are designed to specifically detect movement.  So, if your hands are full of the pots and pans from dinner, simply hover your hand or arm in front of the sensor to activate the tap water.

Major Pros of a Touchless Faucet

  1. Water Conservation:  With touchless water faucets, water flow is generally only activated when the sensors on the faucet detect movement surrounding it.  Therefore, if you are cleaning dishes, and have activated the faucet, the faucet will generally stay on.  Though, if you move away from the faucet, it will automatically shut itself off.  Sometimes we are multi-tasking in the kitchen, and the faucet can be left activated on occasion.  Touchless sensors help to conserve water and to minimize the use of taps.
  2. Cleanliness and Hygiene: As we mentioned above, touchless features on faucets will greatly minimize the transfer of germs and bacteria from the toilet handle to the sink faucet.  We might think that our hands are clean and bacteria-free once we wash them, but not with traditional handles.  Some of the only times you will need to touch the faucet with touchless features are if you want the water to run manually or to clean.
  3. User-Friendly:  Touchless faucets are very convenient to use and are functional for everyone in the family.  They are preferable for those who have trouble reaching or difficulty working with a traditional faucet.  They are also preferable for the use of children.  Kids might leave their faucets turned on when they are brushing their teeth.  Though, with a wave of their hand, water will dispense in smaller quantities.

Plenty of Options on the Market

With so many brands and kinds of touchless faucets out there, there are several things to consider when it is time to buy a new kitchen or bathroom faucet.  Wondering about the bottom line of a touchless faucet?  Well, above all, they are convenient, useful, and a lot cooler than a traditional faucet.  From saving money on your water bill to ridding these heavily used areas of your home of germs and bacteria, touchless features on a faucet make for a more functional home for you and your family.

Though, considering the brand or product you like – and, of course, the price – some specs will appeal to you more than some others.  The most beneficial feature of this kind of plumbing upgrade is the sheer purpose of it all: to remain touchless.  When you install a hands-free faucet, you will notice they are very purposeful – especially if you are handling all those dishes after supper.  A swift hover is enough to turn the sensor on, and that will do it!

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