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When considering upgrades to your home, it’s easy to be deterred by the costs of home improvement. However, remember that home improvements can nearly pay for themselves in added value to your property. You don’t have to go crazy to increase your home’s value, it can be as simple as replacing the plumbing fixtures in your home. New plumbing fixtures are a cost-effective improvement, and they make your home more convenient and better looking. Replacing plumbing fixtures is a relatively quick improvement at a low cost that will certainly increase your home’s value. Wondering where to start? Look at some of these ideas.

Start in your kitchen or bathroom

Your bathroom and kitchen are among the highest-use areas in your home, so people will notice if your plumbing fixtures are not up to par. Of course, if your plumbing fixtures aren’t working at their full capacity (leaky sinks, toilets clogging often, etc.) then new fixtures will make a huge difference in the convenience of those rooms. But it’s not all about performance, looks are important, too. Even if your plumbing fixtures work perfectly, their attractiveness factors into what people are willing to pay for your home. Upgrading the material/look of your plumbing fixtures and countertops can add thousands of dollars to your home’s value based on aesthetics alone.

Decrease how much water and energy your home wastes

‘Going green’ is not just a passing fad, there are plenty of people who put a high value on whether or not their home will waste water and energy. Not only is it better for the environment, but it will save you money on your utilities. There are a couple of low-cost, easy fixes you can make that will greatly improve your home’s ability to accommodate a green lifestyle.

Energy-efficient toilets

When you think about saving water, your toilet is not likely the first place your mind goes to. But toilets can use a lot of water without you realizing it. Older toilets can use as much as 5 gallons per flush! Compare that with the newest models, which can use as little as 1.5 gallons per flush, and you’ll realize the impact that difference will have over time.

Low-flow showerheads

Even if you take short showers, the amount of water you use in your shower still depends on what your showerhead allows. A new low-flow showerhead won’t just make your shower look better; it gives you the ability to adjust how much water you use without sacrificing water pressure. Your showerhead will look better, use less water, and your showers will still be as comfortable (if not more so) than before!

Aaron Swift Plumbing | Repairs & replacements to increase home value

Whatever your plumbing needs are, the experts at Aaron Swift Plumbing can make sure you get the maximum value for your money. We can repair and replace any plumbing fixtures you need, we know how to increase a home’s value through plumbing. Let our professional staff make the process simple and painless for you, so you can enjoy a more convenient and comfortable home while increasing its value!

Call today to ask about our repair and replacement services, or to schedule an appointment! You can reach us at (586) 752-5808 or through an online contact form.

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