Catch Basins & Storm Line Cleaning


The experts here at Aaron Swift Plumbing can efficiently handle needs relating to catch basins and storm line cleanings.  Whether you need work with residential or commercial storm drain lining, our technicians have the experience you can trust to catch as much runoff and debris as possible.

Essentially, catch basins are installed to prevent excess storm runoff and debris from dispersing all over your roads and parking lots.  These mechanisms require regular maintenance to remove grime and grit from the basins.  By using a high-powered vacuum, we can remove all the matter collected in the basins over time.

While collecting matter over time, these basins also contain water.  Over time, basins will collect water, such as rain water, and continue to collect until the basin is filled to capacity.  Then, once the basin has been filled, the water will then travel through an outflow pipe to a nearby sewer system.

All these access points need to be cleaned, such as the storm sewer to the overflow pipe and the basin itself.  Removing the debris and maintaining catch basins over time prevents serious flood damage to nearby commercial and residential properties.

The inspection of these systems begins with observations of the exterior elements that can impact the systems.  We work to verify all access points are safe, intact, and efficiently used without issue.  Lids to catch basins are strong enough to be concealed into the ground and hold the weight of a car.  Otherwise, lids are usually installed on the sidewalk or in the yard.

We inspect this kind of plumbing system fairly regularly — we recommend several times per year.  Any cracks or open creases should be sealed or replaced in order for the system to function at full capacity.  Interiors of the basin should be equally inspected for structural discrepancies and tested to withstand the elements, such as higher amounts of storm runoff.

An inspector should have the ability to determine if the catch basin is still an active part of the sewer system or has been removed from the system and is now vacated.  There is a very easy way to determine this: turn on the water in the kitchen and laundry sinks.  This water should be visibly discharging into the catch basin.  If the water is not draining into the catch basin it is most likely vacated.  Make sure to operate the system long enough to verify the system.

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