Do I Repair or Replace My Toilet


The toilet.  The commode.  The John.  Whatever you might want to call it, our toilets are an essential part of our homes and businesses.  Toilets are built to last you a long time, but just like everything else, they will need maintenance to work properly when we need them to.  The plumbers at Aaron Swift Plumbing are here and always ready when your toilet leaks or needs some minor repairs done.

Just because your toilet experiences an issue here and there doesn’t that it can’t get fixed by a professional in the industry.  Before you waste your money on a new toilet, let our local plumbers demonstrate our expertise to get your toilet running again.  Let’s go over some things to consider about toilet repairs before you head out and get a new one!

You hear the toilet running longer than it should.  If you use your toilet like usual, you will hear the flush and the water flowing back into the tank for the next use.  But, sometimes that flow of water goes longer than it’s supposed to.  This can be very annoying, but it can also send your water bill through the roof.  There are easy remedies to maintain the toilet’s function — for example, making sure the shutoff valve isn’t closed — then you may have a different issue that most homeowners will need an expert to fix.

Excessive clogging and flushing issues.  Plunging the toilet is a go-to way to help break up blockages in our toilet drains.  Though, this can become an ongoing issue.  Toilets can experience flushing issues often, and there might be a problem with the drain below the toilet that’s connected to the sewer.  However, things like a faulty lift chain or a broken flapper valve can be the main source of this issue.  If you go through some of the basic things to help remedy this issue, you may have a drain issue.  Call Aaron Swift and we’ll come out and inspect it!

Noticeably low water levels.  Among all the issues with our toilet plumbing, one thing is for sure: your toilet’s water levels need to remain the same.  If there is less water filling the toilet’s tank, it might be your shutoff valve.  Check this valve to ensure that it is not closed or blocked.  Then, if the water remains lower than normal after a flush, your drains might have a clog deep inside them.  Again, drain cleaning is something we do best at Aaron Swift, so give us a call to have it fixed!

When you should consider a replacement.  The older your toilet gets, the more likely it will run into an issue here and an issue there.  After so many repairs over the years, or if the issues just keep piling up, you may want to think about replacing your toilet.  Plus, cracks or scratches can cause things like leaks and excess bacteria buildup, causing even more serious issues down the line.  Call the experts at Aaron Swift so we can inspect everything and install a new toilet in no time!

From toilet plumbing installation to upgrading fixtures in your bathroom or kitchen, the Aaron Swift plumbers perform all kinds of plumbing services for your home or business.  You can trust our decades of experience in sewer and drain cleaning to make sure things like your toilet don’t keep running into the same issues over and over.

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If you should have any other questions or concerns about any of your commercial plumbing or residential plumbing.  This includes parking lot jetting or other hydro-jetting services, sewer service and sewer repairs, gas piping, and drain services such as drain snaking for home and business plumbing.  Contact Aaron Swift Plumbing for our competitively affordable plumbing services in Washington Michigan today!

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