What Not To Do With Your Drain


When you find that your drain has become clogged, you may think that that’s something you can take care of on your own. In many cases it is, but there is a range of severity in drain clogs. If you’ve got a serious drain clog, like one that is caused by a solid object stuck in the drain, you’ll need the help of a professional. If you try to unclog a serious drain issue, then you’re more likely to get frustrated and cause damage to your drain and pipe than you are to clear it. Professionals like the ones at Aaron Swift Plumbing have the expertise and tools necessary to clear out tough clogs. Here are some DIY techniques that you shouldn’t avoid using on tough clogs.

Don’t try to snake the drain yourself

A clogged drain may seem as simple to fix as poking around with a wire hanger or a drain snake, but serious clogs won’t budge from this method. Wire hangers are not very effective against solid clogs, and in fact they’re likely to get stuck, causing a bigger problem. They can even damage your pipe or drain. Some people are willing to go out and buy a metal drain snake to try their hand with the correct tool. This is also not advised. Drain snakes take practice to use effectively. If you don’t know how to handle one correctly, you’ll cause more problems. If the drain snake doesn’t get stuck completely, the effort can still break off tiny metal splinters that will sit in your pipes and tub. From there, they can find their way into your feet.

Let a trained professional use the metal drain snake. We’ll be able to clear the clog quickly without leaving slivers of metal behind.

Don’t rely on store-bought drain cleaning solutions

With a small clog of hair, the answer can be as simple as pouring some Drano on it to break it down a bit and loosen it up. But with tougher clogs, drain cleaning chemicals will not work. Instead, they’ll pool in your tub or sink, leaving toxic and corrosive chemicals just sitting there. It’s not easy to safely clean that situation up. Even if some do get through, it will only damage your pipes from the corrosion.

A better course of action is to have professionals use a water jet to clear your drain. Water jets are powerful enough for even the toughest clogs, and they won’t corrode your drain or pipes.

Never try using professional equipment or power tools on your own

If you have experience in plumbing, that’s one thing. But if you did, you would already know what not to do in this situation. If you don’t have the necessary expertise and you try to use professional plumbing equipment to clear the clog, or power tools to take apart your pipes, then you’re more likely to cause a bigger problem than to find a solution. This method can cause serious damage to your pipes, leading to water damage. It can also cause you injury, which would be even worse.

Instead, allow the trained professionals from Aaron Swift to use the correct tools in the correct way and clear your clogged drain. We have years of experience clearing even the toughest clogs, and we’ll make quick work of yours.

Aaron Swift Plumbing | Drain unclogging services

Trying to take care of a serious clog on your own may seem like a way to save money, but chances are that it will come back to bite you. You could hurt yourself, or you could case a bigger, more expensive problem. To avoid that bigger problem, let the experts at Aaron Swift Plumbing help you out. We have years of experience and the necessary tools to clear any clog, no matter how tough. We’ll make quick work of the clog so that you can use your drain freely again.

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