Why You Should Insulate Your Pipes


Winter is here and it’s going to be a cold few months until spring comes again. Until the weather warms up, it’s important to protect your home from the cold and its effects. One major area to keep an eye on is your piping. Pipes, especially those in the basement, should be insulated to protect them against the cold. Without this protection, your pipes could freeze and you’ll be left with the potential for a lot of water damage. There are plenty of other ways insulated pipes can help you out during the winter, read on below to learn more.

Protects against frozen pipes

Any non-insulated pipes are susceptible to freezing. While a pipe could just freeze and stop water flow, which is annoying, it can be much worse than that. If enough water pressure is stressing a frozen pipe, the pipe can burst and leak water. If this is a pipe in your basement that you don’t check often, that could mean plenty of time for water to cause damage. Water damage can ruin your belongings, the flooring and walls of the room, and create an environment for dangerous mold to grow.

Instead of spending tons of money replacing things and having your home restored due to water damage, just save yourself the time, money, and stress by having your pipes insulated.

Energy savings

Insulated pipes won’t only save you money by avoiding water damage, insulation also cuts down on your energy bill. Just like insulating an attic reduces the amount of heat you need to keep your home warm, insulated pipes reduce the amount of energy it takes to keep water hot until it hits the faucet or shower head.

What kind of pipe insulation material should you use?

There are a few different kinds of insulation material for pipes that each have their own benefit. The biggest benefit of pipe insulation (aside from heat retention) is keeping your pipes dry. If a pipe can collect condensation, then these water droplets can freeze on the metal and make it colder. The colder it is, the closer you are to a burst pipe. Glass insulation completely seals in the pipe and stops water from forming. You can also use a wicking material that will absorb any condensation forming and direct it away from the pipe so it can evaporate. For underground pipes, the go-to is a polyurethane foam that prevents heat loss and moisture formation.

Aaron Swift Plumbing | Pipe insulation for the winter

Don’t let freezing pipes ruin your winter, let the experts at Aaron Swift Plumbing insulate them for you so you have nothing to worry about! Our pros can recommend the correct type of insulation material for your pipes based on usage and location, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you can trust your pipes won’t fail with the cold weather. We also offer around the clock emergency service to fix leaking pipes before they become a bigger issue.

To learn more about pipe insulation, give us a call at (586) 701-7851 or send in an online contact form today!

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