A Second Water Meter Saves Money


Now is the time when a lot of Southeast Michigan residents will start using their sprinkler systems more. Why? Obviously, you want your lawn to look good, and gardens need love – and water – too. Or, maybe you’ve decided to install a new sprinkler system to make watering chores easier and more convenient. Either way, a master plumber from Aaron Swift can help. We offer the best residential plumbing in Washington, MI and the surrounding area. So, we can quickly and efficiently install your new sprinkler. In addition, the plumbing experts at Aaron Swift can save you money on your water bill by installing a second water meter that only records your sprinkler system use.

Why Michigan Sprinkler Users Save Money with Second Water Meters

You may not know this, but a large portion of your water bill goes toward sewer use. In fact, for some Macomb County residents, sewer charges account for half of what they pay for water every month. However, the water that you use on your lawn and garden doesn’t go down the sewer. This means that if you only have one water meter, you’re paying for sewer services that you’re not using. Or, in other words, you’re literally throwing money into the sewer.

Yet, if you get Aaron Swift to install a second water meter that only records water used for landscaping services (sprinklers), you don’t pay sewer charges on this portion of your bill. And this could save you a ton of money throughout the spring and summer months. Just call Aaron Swift at (586) 752-5808 to schedule an appointment for a second water meter installation. Then, we’ll get you set up to save $$$ on your water bill as soon as possible.

Call Aaron Swift for All of Your Plumbing Repair, Drain Maintenance, Sewer Repair, Hydro-Jetting, and Gas Piping Needs

As a full-service plumber, Aaron Swift can provide affordable plumbing services for all your needs. We can also set up plumbing in new-build homes, handle jobs that require excavating and install or repair gas piping. Again, just give us a call at (586) 752-5808, or you can connect with us through the contact form on our website.

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