Tips for Spring Plumbing


Spring is on its way here, is your home ready? If you haven’t prepared your plumbing system yet, then that’s something you’ll want to take care of before the spring weather arrives. Winter is a tough season on your plumbing, so there could be repairs and maintenance needed so that your system is ready to take on the increase rainfall of spring. You don’t want to wait until heavy rainfall to realize that your plumbing system can’t handle it. Instead, go through the following tips on ways to make sure your plumbing is ready for spring.

Maintain your water heater

The one part of your plumbing system that likely deals with the most stress over the winter is your water heater. It’s had to work extra hard to keep the water hot, and you probably have been using more hot water than usual. So, before spring, make sure that your water heater is back to its best condition. Monitor its temperature level to see that it doesn’t go over 120 degrees, or else your water heater will break down quicker. Also, give a look around your water heater for corrosion or rust that could indicate a need to replace parts. The best course of action is to have a professional plumber inspect it for any maintenance needs.

Check on your sump pump

With most of the precipitation coming as snow lately, your sump pump hasn’t been tested in a while. If it’s not ready to go after sitting dormant through the winter, you’re in for a rude awakening if the rain in spring causes a flood in your basement. Test your sump pump by dumping some water through it to check if it’s working properly. If it isn’t, call a professional right away to get it fixed.

Test your water pressure

Take a moment to focus on the water pressure from your plumbing fixtures like the faucets and shower heads. If there has been a drop in pressure, it could mean a problem with your pipes. This could mean a pipe that’s leaking or partially clogged. Either way, you’ll want to get to the bottom of this issue before it becomes more serious.

Look out for leaks

You likely aren’t looking at your pipes for leaks every day, maybe not even every month. If you haven’t checked the condition of your pipes lately, give a look at each one to see if there are any leaks. Even if they’re only a small drip of water every now and then, that’s how some leaks start. If you leave them alone, they’ll gradually become bigger and bigger until you have a damaging amount of water leaking out.

Before spring comes, get your plumbing system ready! | Aaron Swift Plumbing

Keep the rain from flooding your basement and your pipes from leaking this spring with help from the professional plumbers at Aaron Swift Plumbing! Our experts can offer you the full range of plumbing services. We’ll check your whole system for you to find any areas that need repair, replacement, or maintenance so that your home stays dry and your plumbing stays reliable. Don’t leave it up to chance, leave it up to the experts!

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