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If you have a backyard well, then you rely on your well pump to access that water for you. But, like any pump, well pumps need maintenance and repair after repeated use. It’s not always easy to tell when your well pump has an issue. Unless your water has completely stopped pumping, it can be difficult to know. But, there are signs that your well pump needs to be repaired, and if you catch them soon enough you can avoid a bigger and most costly problem. Watch out for these signs of issues with your well pump.

No water coming out

This is the obvious one. If you turn on a faucet or flush a toilet and you don’t get any water, then your well pump needs immediate repair.

Low or inconsistent water pressure

If your water is coming out at a slower rate, or the water pressure drops every now and then, it could be a well pump issue. This problem can also be caused by other elements of your plumbing system, so it’s best to ask the help of an experienced plumber who can figure out exactly what’s causing the problem.

Strange noises

Well pumps will make noise while they work as the mechanisms are active. But if your well pump begins to make noises you’ve never heard it make, chances are something is wrong. Also, look out for noises from the pressure tank. The pressure tank has an air bladder that makes pumping the water easier, but if something is wrong with the air bladder then the motor has to work harder to pump water. If you hear rapid clicking sounds coming from the pressure tank, it’s probably the pump’s motor and needs to be fixed right away.

Higher monthly bills

If you haven’t changed your water use habits, but your bill goes up, then it could be due to a problem with the well pump. Things like a leak can cause more water to be used to deliver the same amount of water that you need, increasing the cost.

Pump is always running

An efficient well pump should not need to be constantly running. It should be able to run for a while and pump a reserve of water so it can rest a while. If your pump is always running, then it’s working too hard to pump the water and there is something wrong with it.

Spitting faucets

A spitting faucet happens when air gets in the water line and disrupts the flow of water. Instead of a constant stream, the water is broken up by bursts of air and the faucet sounds like it’s spitting the water out. This can be due to a damaged air bladder in your pressure tank that is leaking air into the water supply.

Dirty water

Since your well is pulling water from the ground, it comes with sand and sediment in it. This is usually filtered out, but if it’s not, then there is an issue. It’s likely a problem with the water filter, and in addition to dirtying your water it can cause extra wear and tear on the water pump.

Well pump repair & installation | Aaron Swift Plumbing

Don’t let problems with your well pump cut off your supply to clean water, let the experts at Aaron Swift Plumbing help you! We have a 24/7 emergency help line for big issues, whenever they happen. Otherwise, you can schedule an appointment with us and we’ll send out an experienced plumber to get to the root of the problem. Don’t take chances with your fresh water, we can make sure it’s safe and that your well pump runs correctly.

To learn more, send in an online contact form or give us a call at (586) 315-4595 today!

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