Do You Need Hydrojetting?


How often do you find yourself buying liquid drain cleaner so that your sink will stop taking forever to drain water? If it’s on a regular basis, like more than once every two months, then your drain probably has a debris buildup that liquid drain cleaner won’t fully address. In this case, hydrojetting offers you the powerful solution you need to get rid of drain clogs that keep coming back.

Hydrojetting definition

Hydrojetting is what plumbers do when a drain has a recurring clog that keeps causing problems. The main cause of these recurring clogs is the debris on your pipe walls that liquid drain cleaner can’t get rid of. The hydrojetting tool sends highly pressurized water through your sink’s pipes to clear out this debris that makes it easier for clogs to form. After hydrojetting, there will be no debris left in your pipes for clogs to build on.

What is the process for hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting is a two-step process. It should always be handled by professionals, as the hydrojetting tool is extremely powerful and cause serious damage to your pipes if handled incorrectly. Then you’ll have an expensive repair on your hands instead of just an annoying clog.

  • The first step is for your plumber to inspect the problem pipe. They’ll check for the major clogged area, then find an entry point that they can put the hydrojetting tool into. If they decide that the area would get damaged by the hydrojetting tool, they’ll go with drain snaking as a safe backup plan.
  • The second step is to put the hose of the hydrojetting tool into the pipe and begin sending water through at pressures up to 35,000 PSI. They likely won’t use the full pressure; it will be adjusted depending on the stubbornness of the debris and what your pipes can handle. The water will clear out any debris from the pipes and send it out to the sewer system.

Signs that you need hydrojetting

The signs of needing hydrojetting are pretty clear, it’s just that it can be easy to live with an annoyance rather than act on the problem. But hydrojetting is a quick and simple process that will completely get rid of your problem. If you see any of these signs, consider hydrojetting:

  • Your drain backs up frequently
  • Water is slow to drain
  • The water gurgles as it drains
  • A bad smell comes from the drain
  • Even when you’re careful about what goes down the drain, it still clogs

Aaron Swift Plumbing | Expert hydrojetting services

If you’ve had enough of buying drain cleaner only for the clogs to come back in what feels like no time at all, it’s time for a real solution to the problem. Let the expert plumbers at Aaron Swift Plumbing use their hydrojetting tools to clear out any and all debris from your pipes to give them a fresh start. We’ll work efficiently and effectively to clear the debris from your pipes, and we’ll make sure the tools are operated safely so you don’t have to deal with damage.

To schedule an appointment for hydrojetting, get in touch today by sending an online contact form or giving us a call at (586) 701-7851

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