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Well, we made it!  The fall solstice is upon us, and summer has finally come to a close.  While we might have some lovely weather here in Michigan in the weeks ahead, winter is coming, and they're always seems like there isn’t enough time to prepare.  Let the Aaron Swift plumbers help you winterize all your faucets and water lines so you don’t encounter any hazards this winter season.

By performing a few maintenance routine checkups, the plumbers at Aaron Swift will check up on a variety of different components of your home or business, including your disposals, drain pipes, crawl space and basement piping, and more.  While some tasks are fairly simple for the everyday homeowner to handle, some tasks should be left to the pros.

We know how it is… we get busy, schedules get filled up, and weekends seem like they fly by before we’re back at it again.  But, one simple mistake, like not emptying and storing your garden hose, can lead to potentially hazardous situations down the line.  Think ahead of the winter snowfall and freezing temperatures and get your plumbing winterized!

Now, let’s cover a few different things that might happen to your plumbing during the fall and before the winter months hit.

Aaron Swift Plumbers Will Inspect All Piping

Contact us today before the first snow falls to have all your home piping and water lines inspected.  We will check for leaks, drips, pressure, and loose hardware that could potentially lead to a plumbing nightmare.  Our plumbing work doesn’t end with just the indoors, either!  Not only will we check all your toilets, faucets, piping, disposals, and more, but we’ll also help clean your gutters and inspect your sump pump for any issues.  We’ll also take a peak at your water heater to make sure there is not excessive amounts of sediment built up potentially affecting your hot water.

Drain Your Water Before Going Away

With the holiday months approaching, traveling will become more of a regular thing to see all our family and friends.  If you have any holiday trips planned, don’t forget to drain the water in your pipes and turn your water system off so no water remains in your pipes.  This is one of the most important things people might not remember to do, or feel it is unnecessary to do so.  Let’s put it this way: your power goes out while you are away.  That means you have no heat to help warm your home and keep water from freezing.  If you are away for longer periods, make sure to empty those pipes so hazardous busting pipes don’t spoil your holiday.

Wrapping Pipes in Insulation Sleeves

For areas of your home that are further away from the furnace, the heat might get lost in translation.  Areas like the attic and the basement usually are a little cooler due to them being so far away from the utilities of the home.  We recommend insulating pipes with insulation sleeves now before the cold hits to be ahead of those extra cold evenings.  You never know… Thanksgiving might be the coldest it’s been in years!  Better to be safe than sorry — especially when it comes to keeping those more distant areas of your home insulated and warm.

Aaron Swift Commercial & Residential Plumbing – 24-Hour Emergency Plumbing in Michigan

If you should have any other questions or concerns about any of your residential or commercial plumbing – including parking lot jetting or hydro-jetting, sewer service and sewer repairs, gas piping, drain services and drain cleaning – contact Aaron Swift Plumbing for any other plumbing estimates and affordable plumbing services Michigan.

You can call us at (586) 752-5808 or by filling out our online contact form here.  Proudly providing the best residential and commercial sewer service Michigan!

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