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Health and Safety Tips: Residential & Commercial Plumbing


Oh, DIY projects; we know all about them!  Here at Aaron Swift Plumbing, our mission is to educate our clients on all the things they need to get some of those DIY plumbing projects crossed off the to-do list.

Aaron Swift Plumbing provides the best local sewer and drain cleaning as well as complete commercial and residential plumbing services.  However, we also offer preventive tips for residents in Oakland County and the surrounding areas who want to avoid potential issues.  Take a look at some important precautions before you start your next DIY plumbing project.

Wearing Protective Safety Gear

Simply put: Wear the appropriate protective gear.  Considering what needs to be done with the project, you may need some of the below items to significantly decrease your risk of injury:

  • Disposable Face Masks
  • Hard Hat / Head Gear
  • Heavy-Duty Work Gloves
  • Non-Skid Soled Footwear
  • Safety Goggles
  • Shoulder & Knee Pads

First, if you are snaking a drain, tinkering the sink, or operating machinery, make sure that you have protective eyewear on beforehand.  This might be one of the strongest recommendations; our eyes are vulnerable to a lot of potential risks, especially while operating tools and machinery.

The next-most important item to make sure to wear are work gloves.  It’s essential to wear gloves when working with plumbing as your risk of exposure to different chemicals and bacteria is increased.  Additionally, it might be a good idea to wear latex gloves underneath your work gloves.  This gives you an extra reassurance that no bacteria will transfer directly to your hands.

Lastly, we strongly recommend a disposable face mask to prevent inhalation of strong chemicals.  If you’re utilizing a saw, sandpaper, or other mechanisms that cause dust and debris, you will definitely need to wear a mask.  It’s truly better to be safe than sorry!

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals Regularly

Even as you take the necessary precautions to avoid harsh chemicals, they can very well still make an impact on you during your project.  Our advice is to totally avoid using such chemicals whenever possible, especially when drain cleaning.  Yes, that’s right: Over-the-counter drain cleaners seldom solve your drain issues.  Additionally, these products can damage pipes and create health hazards that may affect anyone else accessing your pipes.  Should you rent a drain cleaning machine, fees might apply whenever the equipment comes into contact with certain harsh chemicals.  Clog prevention and regular maintenance are always the best options.

Water Heater Safety Tips

Most residential tanks hold 40 to 60 gallons and need to withstand the pressure of a residential water system (typically 50 to 100 PSI).  Maximally, steel water heater tanks are designed to handle 300 PSI.  They have a bonded glass liner to prevent rust from producing in the water as well as insulation surrounding the tank.  Other parts of the water heater include:

  • Controlled Temperature Thermostat
  • Corrosion-Preventing Sacrificial Anode Rod
  • Dip Tube for Cold Water
  • Drain Valve
  • Heating Applications (Similar to Electric Oven)
  • Pipes for Hot Water
  • Pressure Relief Valve

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If the above list doesn’t seem to pertain to your issue, or if you have any other questions or concerns about any of your residential or commercial plumbing, contact Aaron Swift Plumbing for toilet repairs, pipe issues and any other plumbing estimates.

You can call us at (586) 752-5808 or by filling out our online contact form here.  Proudly providing residential and commercial plumbing services to Washington Township and the surrounding communities.

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