Bathroom Remodeling for the Holiday


Your local plumbing professionals at Aaron Swift Plumbing are eager for the holidays, and we know you are, too! Nevertheless, there is a chance that your plumbing needs extend into the season’s greetings, as well. You do not want to be in the middle of a meal, having a toast around the fire, or prepping for a visit from Santa, and suddenly be faced with a clogged toilet, a leak in the ceiling, or a flood in the basement. So, a take a few simple precautions to decrease your risk. Or, if you do experience plumbing issues during the holiday season, contact Aaron Swift for the pipe repair, sewer service, or emergency plumbing services.

We’re Your Bathroom Remodeling and Addition Experts at Aaron Swift Plumbing

Are you planning a big remodel before the holiday season begins? You’re in luck. Whether you are undergoing an above-ground remodel, or adding a bathroom in your basement, we are here to help with your home addition and basement plumbing jobs. Adding an extra bathroom can not only improve your home value, but it also makes your life a little bit easier when you are entertaining your holiday guests.

Keep in mind that even if there is existing underground plumbing already in place, there are few items to consider when adding basement plumbing to your home, especially when it comes to the drain. Bathroom plumbing will have to rely on gravity to push down any wastewater. So, in a basement bathroom, there must be enough room to drain the toilet, sink, and shower.
Remodeling Can Save You in the Long-Run

Michigan winters can wreak havoc with residential plumbing and commercial plumbing. When snow and ice hit, you may find that you are dealing with frozen pipes, broken radiators, flooding, and leaks. However, you can take precautions to avoid these winter plumbing mishaps. Of course, you can also rely on the experienced plumbers from Aaron Swift Plumbing to keep your pipes, sewers, and drains in tip-top condition during the winter months and throughout the year.

We say now is the perfect time to invest in remodeling your current bathroom or adding a new bathroom altogether. With the summer gone and the fall in full swing, construction and labor are a little bit more bearable than in the winter. Without worrying about snow or ice, projects get done a lot faster and more efficiently. What’s more, is that you will have a freshly remodeled or newly built bathroom to entertain your guests during the holiday season!

And as always, contact Aaron Swift Plumbing for any plumbing and remodeling estimates. You can call us at (586) 752-5808 or by filling out our online contact form here. Proudly providing residential and commercial plumbing services to Washington Township and the surrounding communities.

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