A Halloween Plumbing Tip


At Aaron Swift, we want you to have a SPOOK-tacular Halloween, full of candy, fun, and festivities. However, as you carve this year’s pumpkin into its full Jack O’ Lantern glory, please do so responsibly. Do NOT put pumpkin pulp and seeds down the garbage disposal. Because pumpkin flesh is soft and stringy, it may seem reasonable to dispose of it through the kitchen sink, but this can lead to problems down the road. In fact, professional plumbers advise pumpkin carvers to avoid the sink altogether when creating their Jack O’ Lanterns.

How Pumpkin Pulp Damages Pipes

Aaron Swift Plumbing provides the best sewer and drain cleaning. However, we also offer preventive tips for residents in Washington, MI and the surrounding areas who want to avoid potential issues. And here are the reasons why you should never put pumpkin pulp down the drain or into your garbage disposal or flush it down the toilet.

  • Pumpkin pulp hardens quickly and forms clogs in drains.
  • Pumpkin seeds clump together.
  • When flushed down the toilet, pumpkin pulp and seeds can cause a clog to form deeper into the pipe.

So, what should you do with those leftover pumpkin parts? Unfortunately, most carving pumpkins do not make excellent pies or other treats. However, you can dry and roast the seeds for a tasty snack or plant them to produce next year’s pumpkins. As for the pulp, it is best to carve your pumpkin on a newspaper, collect the unwanted parts in the paper, fold the whole thing up, and toss it in the trash. You can also throw pumpkin pulp onto a compost heap.

However, if someone accidentally puts pumpkin pulp into the garbage disposal or drain – or anything else that should not find its way into the drain – call Aaron Swift. We provide fast, professional, affordable drain clearing. We also offer emergency plumbing services when disaster strikes. We are known throughout the Washington area as leaders in the plumbing and sewer industry.

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