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Many businesses are required by law maintain operational and frequently tested backflow preventers because these devices prevent contaminated water from entering your home water service and the town or city’s drinking water supply (potable water). Private residences may also use backflow preventers, especially if they employ irrigation systems for lawns or gardens. This keeps harmful pesticides from entering a public water source. If you purchase a home with a backflow preventer attached to the plumbing system, you’ll eventually receive a notice about mandatory testing. In Michigan, periodic testing of backflow preventers is required. And certain events can create the need for more frequent testing of backflow assemblies.

Why Aaron Swift is the Name to Trust for Backflow Preventer Testing, Repairs, and Replacement

In addition to scheduling mandatory annual backflow preventer testing, Michigan business owners and residents who have backflow preventers on their property, should keep certain events in mind. For example, water main breaks, hydrant flushing, and hydrant use due to fire can compromise the effectiveness of backflow assemblies. Therefore, if any of these events occur near your home or business, you’ll likely need to schedule an additional backflow preventer testing.

And because backflow preventers are so important to the safety of a town or city’s water supply, not every plumber is qualified to test these devices. However, the backflow prevention professionals at Aaron Swift are certified by the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE). We can thoroughly test your backflow prevention backflow assemblies AND repair or replace any part that isn’t up to code. Then, we will send a letter to the appropriate officials to let them know that you have complied with the law.

Aaron Swift is Your One-Stop Plumbing Service

Whenever Washington, MI think “plumber near me” for drain cleaning, toilet repair, or emergency plumbing, they think Aaron Swift. But we’re also the professionals to call for hydro jetting services, all issues related to gas piping, plumbing services that require excavation, and, yes, backflow preventer testing, repair, and replacement. We proudly provide plumbing services Washington Michigan, but we also service homes and businesses in the surrounding areas of Southeast Michigan.

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